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Pannon Youth Orchestra

EINKLANG – an orchestral peace project of European youth & ARTist Development Program


The “Pannon Youth Orchestra | Einklang – an orchestral peace project of European youth & Artist Development Program” offers young musicians from the member states of the EU the opportunity to perform with each other on a high artistic level in the orchestra for the fifth time since its introduction in 2015.

Besides advanced training in the participants’ musical skills, the individual development of the young artist is of utmost importance to the project manager, Katarina Budimaier. With “Artist Development Program” the thereby gained musical and personality-building insights should help the adolescents to be future ambassadors of musical peace culture in their home countries. The intercultural and educational work with the instructors and experts of Pannon Youth Orchestra will complete the whole program.

After holding the project summer weeks in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, the young artists meet this year in medieval town of artists Groznjan, in Croatia, for an intensive working phase. Leaded by the artistic manager and conductor Alpaslan Ertüngealp, the Pannon Youth Orchestra will perform works by Haydn, Bartók and Austrian composer Janoska with the premiere Pannobis. Like his mentor Claudio Abbado, whom he assisted for three years, Alpaslan Ertüngealp is a big supporter of young musicians and youth orchestras.

The artistic program is going to be presented at five concerts, in GROZNJAN, RIJEKA, VENICE, BUDAPEST and EISENSTADT.

WORKSHOP and CONCERTS in Groznjan, Rijeka, Venice and Budapest – see our time table

HERBSTGOLD-Festival at the HAYDNSAAL in Eisenstadt – see our time table


will be paid and organized for all members of the orchestra and the organisation team


All transfers during the project will be organized. You need to organize only your private arrival and departure.


Please complete the APPLICATION SHEET and send it to kerstin.zach@gmx.at. We will contact You immediately with further information.

The subscription fee of € 100,- must be paid after audition. We will contact you after audition and send you further information.


Please send an audio or video file (or a link to this file) to kerstin.zach@gmx.at.
Maestro Alpaslan Ertüngealp  will check your files and we will contact You immediately.

Orchestral passages for the strings:

  • 1st violin: Haydn: 1st movement (until the recapitulation) and last movement (bar 1 to 56)
  • 2nd violin: Haydn 1st movement (bar 82 – 141) and last movement (bar 1 to 56)
  • viola: Bartók: 5th movement (number 5 until the end of the movement) and Haydn: 4th movement (bar 65 to 117)
  • cello: Bartók: 5th movement (number 5 until the end of the movement) and Haydn: 4th movement (bar 65 to 117)
  • bass: Bartók: 5th movement (number 5 until the end of the movement) and Haydn: 4th movement (bar 65 to 117)
    Solo piece for the strings (one fast and slow movement):
  • violins & violas: Bach Partita
  • cellos: Bach Solo Suite
  • bass: a virtuosic piece of your own choice
    Solo piece of your own choice for the winds (oboe, horn and bassoon)

You will find THE SCORES on dropbox


Ferry Janoska: Premiere | Joseph Haydn: Symphony Nr. 42 | Bela Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances


Austrian, Hungarian and Roma music | History | Expression and Interpretation

ARTist Communication | Self & Stress Management | Cultural Change & interCULTURAL Competence


Artistic Manager and Conductor:
Alpaslan Ertüngealp

Project Management & ARTist Development Program:
Katarina Budimaier (+43 650 742 70 25)

Violin: Ariana Skrinjar and František Török
Viola: Jakub Chlepko
Cello: Anna Wolf and Előd Kostyák
Double bass: Antal Suha
Winds: Kristina Efremenko

Project Assistant:
Kerstin Zach (+43 664 100 33 70)

Communication Skills, Self Management:
Mateja Popovic